Lion Bank

One of our most noble ceramic creations, Kooroo’s lion bank is a humble, friendly creature. He loves to explore unique places and will gladly trade his jungle kingdom for the comfort of an eclectic nursery.

Made of durable high-fire stoneware and a non-toxic lead free glaze, he’s sure to be the king of any iconic nursery and the king of your heart.

Please note that we wanted our banks to have a vintage flair, so we did away with the underside hole and its pesky always-getting-lost-or-swallowed plug. Our animals are streamlined into one safe and sturdy piece. Shake carefully and patiently: if you got it in, you should be able to get most things out.

Limited-edition: 175 pieces
Size (cubed): 5.5 x 4 x 4.5 in
Material: High-fire stoneware 
Color: Milk  

All glazes are lead-free 

Kansas, USA

  • Lion Bank